Important Information about Adobe Creative Cloud updates and KCAI Labs


Adobe has released new versions of their applications, but DO NOT UPGRADE to these new versions!

Why You Shouldn't Upgrade
Lab and classroom computers cannot be upgraded until sometime in early 2019 due to changes in Adobe's licensing with universities. Until Adobe provides new licensing for the latest versions, upgrading your personal copies of Adobe apps may cause compatibility issues with opening or editing projects on KCAI Lab computers.

What if You Do Upgrade
If you do upgrade Adobe, you should also install older versions of the upgraded applications and use these older versions to create and edit your Adobe files. This will ensure that you can also open and edit these files on our lab and classroom computers. Step by step instructions on how to install older versions of Adobe applications can be found below.

More information will be added as it becomes available from Adobe.

Adobe Creative Cloud consistently offers updates to applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc. that can at times create compatibility issues between the Adobe applications downloaded on lab or classroom computers and the Adobe applications downloaded on personal devices. This incompatibility occurs because the lab or classroom computers do not have the same version of the Adobe applications as one may have downloaded on their personal devices and can result in the following message.

Adobe Photoshop Dialog Box

Therefore, if you want to be able to edit the work you create in Adobe Creative Cloud apps both in the lab and on your own device, it is important to use the same version of the software. The information on this page will guide you through how to ensure the Adobe applications on your personal device and on lab and classroom computers are compatible.

Current Adobe Application Version Comparison Chart


Current Lab Versions

Latest Versions from Adobe
Available for Personal Download

Acrobat Pro DC



After Effects

15.1.1 (Build 12)



18.0.1 (Build 115)


Audition CC


Dreamweaver CC

18.2 (Build 10165)





InDesign CC






Photoshop Lightroom




7.1.0 (Build 107)


Premiere Pro CC

12.1.1 (Build 10)


How to Check the Application Version

Use the process below to check which version of the Adobe application is downloaded on your own computer or in a lab or classroom. The steps below use Photoshop as an example, but all Adobe applications work the same way.

1. Launch the Adobe Application (Photoshop in this example)

2. On Mac, choose Photoshop CC> About Photoshop. On Windows, choose Help> About Photoshop CC > About Photoshop

About Photoshop


A popup window with information about the application will show the current version number near the upper left corner, below the product name

About Photoshop Windows

How to Install an Older Version of Creative Cloud Apps

If you find that the version of the Adobe application you have on your personal device is different than what is downloaded on lab and classroom computers, you have the ability to download a compatible version on your computer by following these steps.

*Keep in mind that downloading an older version on your computer does not mean files created on the newer version on the same computer will automatically be compatible on lab and classroom computers. For files to be compatible they must be made with the older version of the Adobe application.

1. Click the Creative Cloud icon

The Creative Cloud icon is located in the Apple menu bar (Mac OS) or taskbar (Windows) to open the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.

Creative Cloud Icon

2. Click the Apps tab if it is not already open


3. Click on the drop menu next to the application you wish to install


4. Click the Install button next to the application version that you need


5. Uncheck "Remove old versions"


By default, when you install a new version of an application using the Creative Cloud app, previous versions of that application are uninstalled, leaving only the most recent version.

To retain previous versions, deselect Remove Old Versions in the Advanced Options section of the updater interface.


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