About Google Email

KCAI Email is hosted by Google Apps.

Users who have need to change their email password will need to go to the Password Change site: https://access.kcai.edu

Google offers advantages to users who wish to collaborate real time on documents, who want integrated voice and video chat, and who would like to receive e-mails on smart phones.

Supported Clients (Outlook Web, Outlook, Entourage, and Apple Mail) 

Most e-mail access at KCAI is via one of the 4 clients listed in parentheses above. Campus Technology will support these clients with the exception of the Outlook Web client. Web access to e-mail will be via the Gmail web client.

Of course if you have any questions at all feel free to call the Help Desk at 816 802 3502 or email us at helpdesk@kcai.edu

For Mac users:

For Windows users

Google Email Uploaders:

These are options needed only if the end-user would like to upload their local mail to Google's servers instead of keeping it on their computer:

Troubleshooting Google Apps:

This link shows the status of Google's apps and mail servers . If there is ever any problems that are on Google's end it will show here: