KCAI Student Counseling Request

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Thank you for reaching out to KCAI Counseling!  Our process of requesting counseling has changed.  If possible print out this page as it contains useful information you may want to review later.  

If you use a mail client app like Apple Mail, Outlook, ect, you can click this link to open a pre-populated new email message and fill in the required details. If the above link doesn't open a pre-configured message in your email client (if you use the gmail website instead of an app), please send a manual email to esundermeier@kcai.edu with the subject as "Counseling Request" and the following information (feel free to copy and paste from below):

1- Your full name and chosen nickname

2- Pronoun

3- Your phone number

4- Your KCAI email

5- Year in school

6- Major (if you are first year just say “Foundation”)

7- All the hours you are available on Monday through Friday, 9AM to 7PM to attend therapy (make the list as broad as possible to increase your chances of matching schedules with a counselor)

8- Any preference you have about the counselor you are matched with (efforts will be made to accommodate preferences but cannot be guaranteed)


You will receive a response to your request via email, generally by the next business day.



Now that you have made contact, below is a summary of additional information about KCAI Counseling that might also be helpful for you to know.  

KCAI has on-campus counseling services available to students free of charge. The appointments are weekly, but are limited and available on a first come, first served basis and are available during the fall and spring semesters (when college is in session). Please note that KCAI counseling services are therapy services and not medication management.  

You also have the option of meeting with Gina Golba, Dean of Student Affairs, or Joe Timson, Assistant Dean of Students, for immediate assistance. The counselors are for ongoing support, but the Dean and Assistant Dean are available for crisis or distress situations where you feel like you need to talk to someone right away. Gina may be reached at 816-802-3397 and Joe can be reached at 816-802-3419. You may also contact security at 816-931-6666 or 911 for emergency situations.

If you wish to see a mental health professional off-campus, please review information about local practitioners under "Student Resources" located here: https://artnet.kcai.edu/student-policy-library.

Due to logistical realities, Dean Golba and Assistant Dean Timson help respond to the requests for counseling by facilitating a connection with students requesting services both on campus (the counseling center) and off campus (the SAP service).  Once you begin seeing your counselor, you have a medical relationship with that counselor and your privacy is guarded by HIPPA and/or FERPA laws thereon.

For Emergencies:  This KCAI account is not an emergency contact.  If you are having an emergency, take the immediate steps of going to the nearest Emergency Room or dialing 911 for help. A helpful 24 hour national mental health hotline to keep in mind is: 1-800-448-3000. A national suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255.