KCAI Illustration: Mentorship supervisor evaluation form

Dear mentorship supervisor,
 Please fill out this mentorship evaluation as completely as possible to help the faculty advisor assign the student a grade for the mentorship. This evaluation will be shared with your mentored student once the faculty advisor has given him/her a grade for the mentorship.

Please include city, state and zip.
Please indicate if it is a home/work/cell phone.
Please indicate if this is a home/work/cell phone

Please assign a numerical rating as well as adding comments, examples and observations to clarify meaning.

5: Superior Exceptionally high quality work that exceeds expectations
4: Above Average Consistently performs above the requirements of the position
3: Average Performs all duties commensurate with the demands of the position
2: Below Average Falls short of competency in one or more areas of responsibility
1: Poor Has not fulfilled requirements or has done so very poorly

5: Superior4:Above Average3:Average2:Below Average1:Poor
Accuracy and thoroughness
Original and creative thinking
Communication effectiveness
Willingness to learn
5: Superior4:Above Average3:Average2:Below Average1:Poor
Accepts responsibility
Adjusts to non-routine assignments
Cooperative with others
Is able to follow instructions
5: Superior4:Above Average3:Average2:Below Average1:Poor
Takes the initiative, self-starter
Ability to handle deadlines
Demonstrates ability to prioritize set goals
Quality of work produced
For the KCAI Illustration Dept:
If yes, The Illustration Dept. would love to hear from our alumni. Please share our contact information: smayes@kcai.edu

By submitting the evaluation, I verify that I supervised this student during his/her mentorship.