Windows Wireless : Windows 7

1. Go to the bottom right-hand of your desktop and click on the wireless  bars ...




2.) Choose  "Open Network and Sharing Center"





3) In the control panel on the left, click "Manage Wireless Networks".



 4.) Click "Add"


5.) Select "Manually create a network profile"


6.) Enter the information as seen below;


7.) Choose "Change Connection Settings" 

(or right clicke the connection KCAI to choose "properties")

8) Under the CONNECTION tab, select "Connect automatically..."


9) Under the SECURITY tab;

  • Verify the selections as seen below
  •  Choose network authenticated method:  "Microsoft: Protected  EAP(PEAP"),
  • Under "Settings." ....


 10.) Verify the settings as seen below.:

Uncheck  "Validate server certificate",
next to  Authentication Method to "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)click "Configure..."



11.) Uncheck the "Automatically use my Windows logon name..."

 Click OK then go back to the Security Tab (in step 9) and click  "Advanced Settings" and set "Specify authentication mode" to "User authenticaion"



12.) Go back to the "Manage Wireless Network" window and choose the KCAI wireless network 


13) Enter your KCAI network username and password (same and email & NAS). 


You should now be connected automatically anytime your within range of the KCAI wireless signal.  



** Finally: If  your password changes. You will need to delete the connection  from your list of networks and then  recreate it using the steps outlined above.